Sequential Skin debuts Sequential Bio

3 March 2022

Sequential Skin Ltd, a leading microbiome company today announced the debut of Sequential Bio – a novel “in-vivo” microbiome testing solution uniquely tailored for companies across skincare, haircare, and personal care product industries.

In-vivo testing is a means to test in, or on, the human body. It gives higher resolution and more relevance to real-world conditions than testing on cells in a lab – or “in-vitro”.

Available today via the Sequential Bio website, the novel end-to-end solution fills a critical need for companies seeking to understand the effects of their ingredients on the body’s microbiome in real-world conditions – giving them more sophisticated data to assess and validate the products they produce and sell.

The skin microbiome modulators market, for example, is growing at a lightning rate – expanding to nearly $3B USD by 2030 at a CAGR of 15% (2020-2030). “In today’s world where the rising demand for transparency is becoming more and more important, and the effects ingredients have on the body are increasingly scrutinised, being able to test consumer products is critical,” said Dr Oliver Worsley, CEO and cofounder.

“With the launch of Sequential Bio, companies now have a proven in-vivo capability, and we are looking forward to helping more clients to create microbiome friendly products while increasing consumer trust,” continued Worsley.

Maintains the Microbiome™ – in vivo certified by Sequential Bio.

Backed by some of the world’s most prominent venture capital companies such as Metaplanet, Scrum Ventures, SOSV, Genedant, and Ben Holmes (ex. General Partner at Index Ventures), the Sequential Bio team has spent the last 12 months working with over 25 personal care companies to help them test and validate their own microbiome claims using in-vivo testing – yielding promising results.

In addition to offering NGS analysis, Sequential Bio have developed highly sensitive assays that provides absolute quantification of the microbiome, rather than just relative abundance. This allows for higher resolution of key species and strain-level, as well providing it at a more cost-effective offering than competitors.

So far, companies have been able to quickly see results giving them huge confidence in their personal care products and the effects they have on the body.

Rob Calcraft, founder of Cultured Biomecare, and former founder of Ren skincare commented: “Utilising the Sequential Bio solution allowed us to conduct tests in ‘real world’ conditions on consumers. This novel in-vivo testing was pivotal for us as it validated our products as not just friendly, but also showed how beneficial it was for the skin microbiome. The Sequential Bio team was great to work with – knowledgeable, insightful, and thoroughly professional. We will definitely be working with them again.”

Dr. Lavienja Schreurs-Braam, founder of Vavin Skincare, commented: “Sequential Bio has helped us further our understanding of the intriguing world of the skin microbiome. By using their quality analysis we were able to confirm we are on the right track with developing skincare products for a healthy skin microbiome.”