Dr. Chen Yiren

  • 12 years experience across research work, business development and corporate strategy
  • Prior to Genedant, Yiren led the strategic planning team in the industry and enterprise development division of A*STAR. He oversaw the development of key initiatives in commercialising national R&D assets as well as leveraging innovative capacity of Singapore to develop growth industries such as advanced manufacturing, food and nutrition and pharmbio.
  • Yiren also held positions in the Research Council which managed the operations and provided oversight of R&D directions for multiple research institutes. Besides his portfolio in A*STAR HQ, Yiren was keenly involved in special projects across public agencies including the setting up of Stronghold Diagnostics Lab, a national clinical diagnostics facility dedicated to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • In his other public sector stints, Yiren had experience in International Finance while he was at the Ministry of Finance and security intelligence analysis with the Ministry of Defence.
  • Beyond the public sector, Yiren helped grow deep-tech startups and had experience in a biomedical incubator. He also developed an acumen for business development and sales by establishing various medical product distribution channel in Singapore including a significant segment in the NIPT market.
  • PhD in Nanotechnology, BEng in Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering from the National University of Singapore (1st Class Honours) and BSc Economics & Management from The University of London (2nd Upper Class Honours)